1. "When selling a home your success or failure often boils down to the open house. Home sellers with an excellent open house draw in many potential buyers, while those with a lackluster presentation drive them away. Most home buyers make up their decision based on first impressions, so deciding to take the time and properly set up a wowing open house is important."

    How to Have an Effective Open House, Realty Times

  2. "Observe these generation of Witches, if they be at any time abused by being called Whore, Theefe, &c, by any where they live, they are the readiest to cry and wring their hands, and shed tears in abundance & run with full and right sorrowfull acclamations to some Justice of the Peace, and with many teares make their complaints…"
    In Answer to severall QUERIES, LATELY Delivered to the Judges of Assize for the County of NORFOLK. And now published By MATTHEW HOPKINS, Witch-finder, FOR The Benefit of the whole KINGDOME. M. DC. XLVII.

    image: The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968, directed by Jack Cardiff)

  3. Unified Field

     Spontaneous twin phenomena occurred and are occurring…

     A parabolic face angles skyward,

    the congregation kneels in prayer.

     Satellites whir in unison,

    the angels peacefully record.

    Unseen particles spin and vibrate

    expanding a universe

    infinite enough

    To define and exalt both miracles.

     Spontaneous twin phenomena occurred and are occurring…

    image: photographer Klaus Leidorf

  4. "So they rode back to the Emerald City, and on the way it was arranged
    that every Saturday morning Ozma would look at Dorothy in her magic
    picture, wherever the little girl might chance to be.  And, if she saw
    Dorothy make a certain signal, then Ozma would know that the little
    Kansas girl wanted to revisit the Land of Oz…”

    from “Chapter 20, The Emerald City,” Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum

  5. "Physicist and UFO researcher James E. McDonald located Mary G. Mayes, who asserted that when she was a University of New Mexico doctoral student in radiation biology, she had been asked to analyze plant material from the Socorro site. Afterwards, she was to turn in all records and samples, and heard no more about it."

    "The object was seen under conditions of a cloudless sky and no haze. It left no vapor trail or exhaust.

    text: selected entries from United States Air Force UFO investigation Project Blue Book; image: photo of University of New Mexico campus

  6. "Successful mind reading requires years of persistent practice and intense concentration…Experience has proved that an emotional relationship forms the best basis for thought transference."

    Life and Its Mysteries, Frank Hammer, 1945

  7. Seymour Pond, who returned recently from an exploring trip in the jungles of Central and South America, tells graphically of the hard usage to which his Corona was subjected. “Much of my work was done by Indian canoe, up and down rivers by day and night wherein Corona was innumerable times splashed with muddy river waters. Whether we pulled Corona…off the sweaty back of a donkey or being carried on a native’s back all clustered with brush, she always operated with a musical thrum.” 

    Dupont Magazine, April 1932

  8. When the sexually dysfunctional male patient is interviewed by a female therapist, it is extremely difficult to elicit reliable material, for cultural influence inevitably will prevail. Many times the male tells it as he would like to believe it is, rather than as it is. His ego is indeed a fragile thing when viewed under the spotlight of untempered female interrogation.

    Human Sexual Inadequacy, William Masters and Virginia E. Johnson

  9.         LYDIA
        Did you you get the windows in the
        attic, Mitch?

         I got them all, Mother.

        When do you think they’ll come?

        I don’t know.

        If there are… larger birds, Mitch…
        they’ll get into the house.

        That’s a chance we have to take.

        Maybe we ought to leave.

        Not now.  Not while they’re massing
        out there.


        I don’t know when.  We’ll see what…

        Where will we go?

        I don’t know yet.  I think we’ll be
        safe here.
        Let’s bring that wood in.

        What happens when we run out of wood?

    excerpt from Evan Hunter’s screenplay for The Birds, based on the novel The Birds by Daphne Du Maurier, final draft, 2nd revision March 2, 1962  (image: Otto Hunter)